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May 25, 2023

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Adipic Acid-BDO-THF-PTMEG, PO-Polyether Polyol, Polymeric MDI-Pure MDI-TDI
PU raw materials--Isocyanate and polyols;
PU Products--home appliances, automotive, coatings, spandex, insulation, PU coatings.
Adipic Acid, BDO, PTMEG, PO, Polyether Polyol, MDI and TDI.
Products relating to polyurethane, upstream or downstream.
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Information Sources:
  • >To get first hand information directly from market players--suppliers,distributors,downstream users;
  • >To analyze the information according to PUdaily database and consultant's rich experience.
  • >o get proved from the market information users.
Target Clients:
  • Polyurethane Manufacturers:
    To help arrange the production and guide the prices based on demand;
  • Polyurethane Traders/Distributors:
    To master the market demand timely and import/export materials in the worldwide;
  • Polyurethane Downstream Clients:
    To know the market trends very well and guide the procurement.
  • Polyurethane Equipments Suppliers:
    To be known by more users.
  • Market Analysts
    To understand the polyurethane market completely.
  • Updated Market News in the World;
  • Supply & Demand Analysis;
  • Market Prices (RMB&USD);
  • Import & Export;
  • Market Forecast;
Comments from Clients:
"The regular news from PUdaily is one of the essential elements of my daily business decisions and a very reliable source of latest market information."
---- Senior Product Manager from BASF
"PUdaily gives us good overview of the China PU market as well as up-to-date market changes. This is very useful for our work".
---- Market Intelligence from Covestro

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