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MDI Market Report 2022 - Sample
October 14, 2022    [Source:PUdaily]

Core Contents:

1. Changes in global propylene oxide industry chain and market analysis (Focus on the Asian market)

Pudaily’s contacts are mainly concentrated in Asia, but also cover other continents around the world. Through daily communication with global contacts, we can timely grasp the first-hand supplier dynamics and market conditions of propylene oxide in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and India.

2. Changes and trends in China's propylene oxide supply-demand pattern in 2022

With a high reputation in the polyurethane industry around the world, Pudaily has built a massive informant network, and partnered with many suppliers, traders and downstream manufacturers in the propylene oxide industry. The information we obtained is based on reliable and objective research, and has been widely recognized and referenced by customers. China propylene oxide supply-demand pattern mainly covers Chinese major propylene oxide suppliers’ capacity/operating rate, propylene oxide output, production costs and profits, market share and concentration ratio, etc.

3. Propylene oxide industry forecast 2023

Supply-demand pattern and market price forecast: Review China’s propylene oxide market prices in 2022, and analyze the price fluctuation factors by month (including raw material cost, traders’ mentality, downstream demand). Then, a forecast on the price range and supply-demand pattern of China's propylene oxide market in the next year will be given.


1. Macro environment: Comprehensive analysis of impacts of Global/Chinese economic situation, Southeast Asian industrial transfer, and RCEP on propylene oxide industry chain.

2. Epidemic prevention: Impact of China's epidemic prevention on the propylene oxide industry chain, and its new application scenarios, such as nucleic acid detection huts, mobile cabin hospitals, and nucleic acid testing reagents induced by the epidemic.

3. Brief analysis of propylene oxide market: Including regional consumption, and consumption in major downstream industries.

4. China propylene oxide market forecast 2023-2027: including the development trend of production technology, supply and demand, and price trends.


List of Contents


Chapter I Macroeconomics

1.1 Global Macro Environment

1.1.1 Global Economic Performance

1.1.2 Global Consumer Confidence

1.2 China’s Macro Environment

1.2.1 China Economics

1.2.2 Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI)

1.2.3 China Export Trade Environment China Export Trade Review in 2022 China Export Trade Environment Impact on MDI Industry Chain in 2022 China Export Trade Outlook in 2023

1.2.4 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Impact on China's MDI Industry Chain

1.2.5 China's Epidemic Prevention Policy Impact on MDI Industry Chain China's Epidemic Prevention Policy Impact on the MDI Industry Chain China’s New MDI Applications from Epidemic Prevention and Control


Chapter II MDI Product Introduction

2.1 Properties and Applications of MDI Products

2.1.1 Polymeric MDI

2.1.2 Monomeric MDI

2.1.3 MDI-50

2.1.4 Liquified MDI

2.1.5 Modified MDI

2.1.6 Mainstream MDI Grades

2.2 MDI Production Technology Process

2.3 Paths to Sustainable MDI

2.3.1 Zero-carbon MDI

2.3.2 Rigid Polyurethane Foam Recycling

2.3.3 Bio-based Polyurethane


Chapter III Global MDI Supply

3.1 Global MDI Capacity in 2022

3.2 Global MDI Suppliers

3.2.1 Wanhua Chemical Group Wanhua’s Polyurethane Sales Performance Review Wanhua’s MDI-Related News 2022 Wanhua’s MDI Expansion Plan

3.2.2 BASF BASF’s Polyurethane Sales Performance Review BASF’s MDI-Related News 2022 BASF’s MDI Expansion Plan

3.2.3 Covestro Covestro’s Polyurethane Sales Performance Review Covestro’s MDI-Related News 2022 Covestro’s MDI Expansion Plan

3.2.4 Huntsman Huntsman’s Polyurethane Sales Performance Review Huntsman’s MDI-Related News 2022 Huntsman’s MDI Expansion Plan

3.2.5 Sadara

3.2.6 Tosoh

3.2.7 KMCI

3.2.8 Karoon

3.3 Global MDI Capacity Outlook

3.3.1 Global MDI Projects (Planned/Under Construction)

3.3.2 Global MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027

3.3.3 Asian MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027

3.3.4 European MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027

3.3.5 American MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027

3.4 Global MDI Output Outlook

3.4.1 Global MDI Output Outlook 2023-2027

3.4.2 Asian MDI Output Outlook 2023-2027

3.4.3 European MDI Output Outlook 2023-2027

3.4.4 American MDI Output Outlook 2023-2027


Chapter IV Global MDI Demand

4.1 Global MDI Markets 2018-2022

4.1.1 MDI Demand in Americas

4.1.2 MDI Demand in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

4.1.3 MDI Demand in Asia China Japan South Korea Southeast Asia South Asia

4.2 Global MDI Downstream Industries 2018-2022

4.2.1 Global PMDI Downstream Industries 2018-2022 Construction Americas Europe Asia Home Appliances Americas Europe Asia Automobiles Americas Europe Asia

4.2.2 Global MMDI Downstream Industries 2018-2022 Elastomer Americas Europe Asia Spandex Americas Europe Asia Adhesives and Sealants Americas Europe Asia

4.3 Global MDI Market Outlooks (Market Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges)

4.3.1 Global PMDI Market Outlook 2023-2027

4.3.2 Global MMDI Market Outlook 2023-2027

4.4 Global MDI Market Price 2022

4.4.1 North America MDI Market Price PMDI MMDI

4.4.2 European MDI Market Price PMDI MMDI

4.4.3 Middle East MDI Market Price PMDI

4.4.4 Southeast Asia MDI Market Price PMDI MMDI

4.4.5 South Asia MDI Market Price PMDI MMDI


Chapter V China MDI Supply

5.1 Capacity of Chinese MDI Suppliers 2018-2022

5.2 Output of Chinese MDI Suppliers 2018-2022

5.2.1 China PMDI Output 2018-2022

5.2.2 China MMDI Output 2018-2022

5.2.3 China MDI-50 Output 2018-2022

5.2.4 Other Chinese MDI Products Output 2018-2022

5.3 China MDI Imports and Exports 2018-2022

5.3.1 China PMDI Imports 2018-2022

5.3.2 China PMDI Exports 2018-2022

5.3.3 China MMDI Imports 2018-2022

5.3.4 China MMDI Exports 2018-2022


Chapter VI China MDI Distribution

6.1 PMDI

6.1.1 Major PMDI Distributors

6.1.2 Pricing & Settlement Model

6.2 MMDI

6.2.1 Major MMDI Distributors

6.2.2 Pricing & Settlement Model

6.3 MDI-50

6.3.1 Major MDI-50 Distributors

6.3.2 Pricing & Settlement Model


Chapter VII China MDI Market Price and Profit

7.1 China MDI Market Price in 2022

7.1.1 China PMDI Market Price Review & Analysis

7.1.2 China MMDI Market Price Review & Analysis

7.1.3 China MDI-50 Market Price Review & Analysis

7.1.4 Price Correlation Analysis between MDI and Other Polyurethane Raw Materials

7.2 China MDI Raw Material Market Price in 2022

7.2.1 Benzene

7.2.2 Aniline

7.3 China MDI Production Cost and Profit

7.4 China MDI Market Price Forecast 2023

7.4.1 China PMDI Market Price Forecast

7.4.2 China MMDI Market Price Forecast

7.4.3 China MDI-50 Market Price Forecast


Chapter VIII  China MDI Demand

8.1 China MDI Demand Review

8.1.1 China MDI Demand 2018-2022

8.2 PMDI

8.2.1 China PMDI Demand 2018-2022

8.2.2 China’s Main PMDI Downstream Industries in 2022 Home Appliances (Refrigerators, Freezers, Water Heaters, etc.) Construction (Panel, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), Pipelines) Automobiles Reefer Container Adhesives and Sealants Woodbinder OCF Others

8.3 MMDI

8.3.1 China MMDI Demand 2018-2022

8.3.2 China’s Main MMDI Downstream Industries in 2022 TPU PU Resin for Shoe Sole PU Resin for Synthetic Leather Spandex

8.4 MDI-50

8.4.1 China MDI-50 Demand 2018-2022

8.4.2 China’s Main MDI-50 Downstream Industries in 2022 Packaging Adhesives Runway Adhesives

8.5 Liquified MDI

8.5.1 China Liquified MDI Demand 2018-2022

8.6 China MDI Market Outlook (Market Trend, Growth Drivers and Challenges)

8.6.1 China PMDI Market Outlook 2023-2027

8.6.2 China MMDI Market Outlook 2023-2027


Chapter IX  Research Methodology

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