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China Modified MDI Market Report 2022 - Sample
October 14, 2022    [Source:PUdaily]

Core Content Overview

1. Supply and Capacity Planning of Modified MDI Suppliers

Modified MDI, as a derivative of MDI, has many product series in the market. Based on customized and differentiated formulations, Modified MDI is commonly designed to meet the application requirements in different downstream industries and production conditions, as well as individualized and varied performance requirements for end products. In China, modified MDI suppliers can be divided into suppliers with MDI facility (e.g., Wanhua Chemical and Huntsman), and suppliers without MDI facility that need to purchase MDI feedstocks for processing. On the whole, Chinese modified MDI industry is currently highly concentrated. Those with MDI facilities have more advantages in cost competition. The report will introduce the mainstream brands, production & supply, pricing & sales strategies of the major modified MDI suppliers in China. Moreover, as modified MDI is highly value-added, many suppliers attach great importance to it, and some of them are actively planning plant layout. In the next five years, Chinese modified MDI capacity is expected to maintain steady growth.

2. Modified MDI Downstream Market Overview

This report classifies the downstream industries of modified MDI into moulded foam, memory foam / high resilience foam, elastomer and CAS (coatings, adhesives and sealants). Meanwhile, the report compares brands of mainstream modified MDI suppliers in China, and analyzes their characteristics and application performance in various major downstream industries. The feedbacks will be mainly from downstream manufacturers and distributors who sell these brands of modified MDI.


List of Contents

Chapter I Modified MDI Overview

1.1  Modified MDI Introduction

1.2  Modified MDI Classification

1.2.1 Carbodiimide Modified MDI (Liquified MDI)

1.2.2 Polyol Modified MDI

1.2.3 Mixed Modified MDI

1.3   Modified MDI Applications and Advantages


Chapter II China Modified MDI Supply

2.1   Modified MDI Suppliers with MDI Facility in China

2.1.1 Wanhua Chemical Group Wanhua Chemical's Modified MDI Main Grades Wanhua Chemical's Modified MDI Supply and Capacity Planning Wanhua Chemical's Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.1.2 Huntsman Huntsman’s Modified MDI Main Grades Huntsman’s Modified MDI Supply and Capacity Planning Huntsman’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.1.3 BASF BASF’s Modified MDI Main Grades BASF’s Modified MDI Supply and Capacity Planning BASF’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.1.4 Covestro Covestro’s Modified MDI Main Grades Covestro’s Modified MDI Supply and Capacity Planning Covestro’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.1.5 Tosoh Tosoh’s Modified MDI Main Grades Tosoh’s Modified MDI Supply Tosoh’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.2   Suppliers without MDI Facility in China

2.2.1 DOW DOW’s Modified MDI Main Grades DOW’s Modified MDI Supply DOW’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.2.2 INOV INOV’s Modified MDI Main Grades INOV’s Modified MDI Supply INOV’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy

2.2.3 Hengguangda Hengguangda’s Modified MDI Main Grades Hengguangda’s Modified MDI Supply Hengguangda’s Modified MDI Pricing and Sales Strategy


Chapter III China Modified MDI Price and Profit

3.1 China Modified MDI Mainstream Market Price Review 2022

3.1.1 Liquified MDI Wanhua Chemical Group (WANNATE MDI-100LL) Shanghai Suppliers (Suprasec 2379,Lupranate MM103C,Desmodur CD-C)

3.1.2 Modified MDI (Wannate 8019, Suprasec 2412)

3.2 China Modified MDI Main Raw Material Price Review 2022

3.2.1 Monomeric MDI

3.2.1 Polymeric MDI

3.2.3 MDI-50

3.2.4 Polyether Polyol

3.3 China Modified MDI Cost and Gross Profit Analysis 2022


Chapter IV China Modified MDI Demand Market

4.1 China Modified MDI Main Downstream Industry

4.2 Moulded Foam

4.2.1 Rigid Integral Skin Foam

4.2.2 Soft Integral Skin Foam

4.3 Slow Rebound Memory Polyurethane Foam

4.3.1 Mattress

4.3.2 Memory Pillow

4.3.3 Other High Resilience Foam Products     

4.4 Polyurethane Elastomer

4.4.1 Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU)

4.4.2 Cast Polyurethane Elastomer (CPU)

4.4.3 Microporous Elastomer

4.5 CAS

4.5.1 Adhesives and Sealants

4.5.2 Coatings

4.6 Bio-based Applications of Modified MDI


Chapter V China Modified MDI Market Forecasts (Market Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges)

5.1 China Modified MDI Market Outlook 2023-2027

5.1.1 China Moulded Foam Market Outlook 2023-2027

5.1.2 China Slow Rebound Memory Polyurethane Foam Market Outlook 2023-2027

5.1.3 China Polyurethane Elastomer Market Outlook 2023-2027

5.1.4 China CAS Market Outlook 2023-2027


Chapter VI Research Methodology

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